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ID Management


ID management is more than just the process of managing identities. All processes that are part of the registration (enrollment), checking and securing (digital) identity are part of ID management. These processes differ in technical and social processes. These processes are all aimed at preventing identity fraud. The use of technology plays a major role in ID management, for example the ePassport, passport reader and biometric scanners. AVDSolutions has come to the following definition which reflects what propper ID management really is.

ID management is a safe, transparent, open, and manageable way to manage and protect identity and authorization data of individuals and others (government).

ID management is often a colaboration between the use of technology and the optimization of (business) processes, where safety and security are essential.

The technical process of ID management has 6 processes;

  1. Registration, capturing biographic and/or biometric data;
  2. Authentication, determining the authenticity of identity and security documents;
  3. Validation, properly checking a method or value(s);
  4. Verification, comparison between biometric or picture of holder in document hears with live biometrics;
  5. Identification, the person with the biographical, personal information;
  6. Authorization, to access a particular area or service.

The technical process is characterized by the control of an identity (Registration, Validation, Identification, Authentication and Verification) to ensure access (Authorization) a certain environment or service.

The social process based on the technical process in today’s world is no longer enough. Where the identity chain for the technical process is completely closed, it is not the case for the social process. How do we link information to a physical person. More people are entering into virtual environments, with communities in a virtual world and contacts on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn. Government and industry have to invest more and more to maintain contact with their citizens and customers in today’s world. The question is how ID management deals with the social dimension of identity , and thus protecting the privacy of individuals. Important is paying close attention to the Data Protection Act.

Project Management

Project management is a fundamental competence in AVDSolutions. Project management is a profession and we treat it that way.

A project starts with a solid business case, the project further needs a transparent organisation. Efficient progress meetings and a good reporting structure within a project are essential. Prince2 project management methodology provides a good control project, clear timelines, and meet the expectations of your organization and the expected outcome. AVDSolutions is working in a process-and project-based way in order to achieve an outcome that fully meets your needs and requirements. Central focus is on optimizing business processes in conjunction with financial benefits for your organization. There is also knowledge of ITIL and there is a broad base of knowledge in the field of business informatics, but also extensive experience as consultant and project manager for various government projects. Also ADVSolutions has worked in public-private partnership constructions. Depending on the type of assignment  a project, a project manager or program manager is required. AVDSolutions can deliver all of these, we have the right people to get the job done .

AVDSolutions will help you achieving the results you expect, always in an efficient and effective way We will help you in such a way that you’ll see the benefits of the solution as soon as possible.
AVDSolutions is Prince2 and ITIL certified.

AVDSolutions Prince2
AVDSolutions ITIL certified

Training Document Control

AVDSolutions IDdocumenttraining

Suitable for

Everyone. AVDSolutions offers basic and advanced training in document control. It is also possible to book a customized training in document control.

What’s in it?

After successfully completing our basic training, document control, the student is able to recognize simple falsifications and security features. In addition to these skills the student of the advanced training document control teaches more indept on printing techniques such as inkjet printing, laser printing and laser engraving.
The advanced training document control can only be done after succesfully completing the basic training document control. Following this training document control will positively contribute to the identification of false and forged passports, identity cards and driving licenses. You will take control in the fight against identity fraud within your organization.

Course duration

Basic training document control 1 day (0900-1630 hours)

Advanced training document control 1 day (0900-1630 hours)

Training Electronic Passport Reader and Biometrics

AVDSolutions Biometrics
Suitable for

The training electronic passport reader (EPR) and Biometrics are offered after advanced training.
In basic training, electronic and biometric passport reader the effect of the passport reader explained the possibilities and limitations of this technology will be emphasized and further explanation of some types of biometrics. There is hereby looks at the strengths and weaknesses of biometrics.

What’s in it?

After training, the student has sufficient knowledge about the operation of a passport reader and is capable of holding a passport reader to work. Also know the different types of biometrics to identify student and he / she knows the strengths and weaknesses of biometrics.

Exercise duration

Electronic passport reader and Biometrics 1 day (0900-1630 hours)


The cost depends on the following training, the number of participants and location (internal or external).

Counter Expertise Identity Documents

AVDSolutions contra expertise
Document expertise

Several organizations are investigating the authenticity, genuineness, of identitydocuments or security documents such as passports, identitycards, source documents and currency. AVDSolutions has a large experiance and is certified at the highest educational level (Doc3) in the Netherlands.

What can you expect from a authenticity investigation or counter expertise?

AVDSolutions can investigate the authenticity of identitydocuments and can also perform a second opinion, or counter expertise. An investigation of the authenticity of an identitydocument can lead to determining the authenticity or forgery, falsification or imitation of a document. A counter-expertise is an investigation of the authenticity of an identitydocument that was at an earlier time by another document expert already investigated. AVDSolutions investigates both the authenticity of the identitydocument and the previous review by the other expert is formatted.

AVDSolutions will deliver a report of conclusions for both authenticity investigation and counter expertise.

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